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Fnatic earned the last slot to the "Legends" stage at IEM Rio Major 2022
The road taken by William "mezii" Merriman and his team to the Legends Stage got off to a strong start with victories against OG and Cloud9. 9z finished the Challengers Stage with a 2-3 record. During their brave campaign, they beat BIG, GamerLegion, and Fnatic in front of cheering fans. They also beat Imperial and Evil Geniuses.
OG, 9z, forZe and Entropiq invited to CCT Central Europe Series 2
The organizers of the CCT Central Europe Series 2, which runs online from September 17 to October 1, have announced seven teams that have received an invitation directly to the tournament playoffs. Among them are the lineups of OG, 9z, forZe, and Entropiq.