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Best final in CS:GO history: NaVi-Faze
Best final in CS:GO history: NaVi-Faze
The ESL final in Cologne 2022 is considered the best in history. In this finale, there was absolutely everything that could be expected and what was unrealistic to predict. Full concentration. High voltage. Lots of twists and turns and highlights. This final is unique because it resembles an actual confrontation between the strongest titans. Every player in this final is phenomenal and the best in their aspect of the game. All five maps were played, which warmed up the situation to the maximum. In this article, we will analyze each round of this final and understand the chronology of the events of this game day.
EliGE: Overpass is a bad map for Liquid, we get humiliated in pracs eternally
Team Liquid player Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski gave an interview to the organizers of ESL Pro League Season 16 after defeating Fnatic in the 1/8 finals. He was pleased with the actions of his team, but at the same time noted the weakness of the Liquid on the Overpass map, where they lost with a score of 9:16.
Leetify revealed CS:GO maps with the biggest amount of cheaters
Cheaters in CS:GO often play on Mirage, Office and Dust2. The statistics, based on an analysis of more than 5 million accounts, was published on Leetify's Twitter service.