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Aunkere - underrated CS:GO talent
Aunkere - underrated CS:GO talent
Everyone has probably heard about Aunkere at least once. Despite his modest achievements in eSports, he won the audience's love thanks to his charisma and unstoppable desire to succeed. But not many people know what this player went through and what challenges he faced along the way.
Benched Heroes'll miss the European RMR tournament
RMR Europe orgs announced on their Twitter that Benched Heroes will miss the upcoming IEM Rio 2022 Major Qualifier. The press release confirmed the information that was previously announced by European roster member Owen "smooya" Butterfield
BenchedHeroes to miss RMR tournament before IEM Rio Major 2022
BenchedHeroes CS:GO roster will not perform at IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR. Owen "smooya" Butterfield spoke about this on Twitter.
Aunkere and Calyx were refused visa to participate in RMR tournament
Benched Heroes players Evgeny "Aunkere" Karjat and Bugra "Calyx" Arkyn were unable to obtain visas to travel to Malta, where the European RMR tournament will take place October 4-9. The fact that esportsmen are at risk of missing the championship was announced by Karyat during a broadcast on his Twitch channel.
smooya, Aunkere and fear can be signed by UK orgs
Professional CS:GO player Owen "smooya" Butterfield said that the BenchedHeroes mix at the next tournament may play under a new tag. He shared this information on his Twitter account. He was written by an organization from the UK and he spoke to them about signing a whole roster.