Everything truly about BOOM Esports reshuffles and eSport games from top to bottom

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BOOM Esports signed Xepher
Recall that BOOM Esports revealed that mid-laner Yopaj, pos-3 Fbz, and coach Mushi return for the next Dota campaign. So, the company will need to find players to fill the roles of carry and hard support.
Skem withdrawed contract with BOOM Esports
After the International 2022, the majority of clubs will inevitably change their rosters. Cyber squads are now putting the finishing touches on their plans for the next year, while some are aiming to retool to have the greatest chance for the upcoming DPC season.
BOOM Esports part ways with TIMS
Missed out on SA Dota? Reshuffle season in South America starts! Mid-laner Erin "Yopaj" Jasper Ferrer and support Rolen "André" Skem Gabriel Ong said they are open to offers from other clubs. Esports players have contracts with BOOM, but they want to think about other cyberjob opportunities.