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What goes wrong with community cast rules for qualifiers at TI11 quals?
Dota 2
John Dow
September 15, 2022
What goes wrong with community cast rules for qualifiers at TI11 quals?
Earlier, PGL received the rights to qualifications for group games at TI-11. PGL managers published their community cast rules. As broadcasts from streamers are gaining popularity, the organizers have to tighten the conditions more and more. Let me explain, community casters if they are not incorporated into the main broadcast studio, “steal” viewers, thereby numbers and KPI of their partners decreased. Therefore, studios are struggling with all sorts of methods, putting forward new restrictions.
Nix became the most popular caster in the CIS TI11 qualifier
CIS former eSportsman and streamer Alexander "Nix" Levin became the most popular community caster during the Eastern European qualifiers for The International 2022. He scored more than two million hours watched, and the peak number of viewers on his channel was almost 90 thousand people.