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How many times have you thought the enemy Arc Warden had a script or your friend yelled that the enemy team had a maphack? I face this almost every time I play with my friend. However, how often do real cheaters appear on the pro scene?
Professional Dota 2 cheaters revealed how they tricked D2CL orgs to earn on bets
The players also showed how they exploited a special web script. When it is turned on, the code writes over the information in the logs, replacing the desired city in the field with information about the city where the account was created.
How professional players cheat with bets in Dota 2 tournaments
There have been rumors that the developers of Dota 2 will ban more professional players in the near future. By the way, in addition to the players, Valve did not forget about the ordinary abusers, who through the sandbox fill the MMR on accounts and sell them.
Every fourth among the Dota 2 players is a cheater
Reddit user with the nickname DraKos_XRdota shared the statistics of cases in the Patrol system in Dota 2 for August. During the whole month, he looked at the game recordings offered to him every day and delivered verdicts.