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Valve increased fines for switching during the DPC season
Having played five or more matches with a stand-in in the regional league, the team is disqualified and automatically loses all subsequent games.
Ana considers that DPC league is useless
Two-time TI champion Anatan "ana" Pham criticized the Dota Pro Circuit competitive system. In an interview with, he stated that he does not play in the league from Valve until the studio changes something in this series of tournaments.
Fnatic – how did the team get TI-11
Dota 2
John Dow
September 11, 2022
Fnatic – how did the team get TI-11
The premier information ab how it's happened gave us team's chief manager. Hat Yai said that players were just flying to Thailand on the Gamers Galaxy, and he observed the tweets about team positions on the Dota 2 DCP ladder but ignored them as wrong. Then he contacted top-1 Dota 2 analyst Ben "Noxville" Steenuisen to ask about the situation. He told Hat that there are often discrepancies on the Valve primary website. Later, Yai discussed the possibility of getting to the TI-11 with the players, but everybody concluded that we should not count on it.