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FalleN and fer can choose FURIA: rumors
The announcement by Akkari comes amid recent reports that the FURIA camp may be changing its lineup. On June 2, a Brazilian source named Giovanni "gio" Deniz said that FalleN and the squad had already signed a pre-agreement and that Fernando "fer" Alvarenga may possibly be joining the team.
Imperial eSports prepares for reshuffle season
The FalleN roster's most recent tournament was the IEM Rio Major 2022. The team took 23-24th place there, earning $10,000. That's why this is the real reason for possible "switchovers" for Brazilians.
FalleN: chelo brought Imperial to the IEM Major 2022
Imperial captain Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, in an interview with the organizers of the American RMR tournament, commented on the passage of his team to IEM Rio Major 2022. He believes that participation in the home major became possible largely due to the successful performance of Marcelo "chelo" Cespedes in the match against Complexity.
Thorin named the five most narcissistic esportsmen in CS:GO
British professional analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields has compiled the top 5 most narcissistic professional players in CS:GO. Thorin shared his thoughts on Twitter.
FalleN donates 2500$ to O-Plano team for RMR bootcamp
Imperial Esports captain Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo helped the Brazilian roster O-Plano raise money for a bootcamp before the RMR for the IEM Rio Major 2022 CS:GO. Cybersportsman and representatives of O Plano spoke about this in social networks.