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NaVi Junior - "academy" level of CS:GO
John Dow
September 29, 2022
NaVi Junior - "academy" level of CS:GO
In May 2019, launched a unique project for young players in CS:GO, based on which the NAVI Academy was founded. Thanks to it, the community got to know many talented players. In two years, all NAVI Junior players have grown tremendously. Not only academically but also personally. The organization has created a system that allows it to nurture players of the proper format, but it has its cycle. The second generation of talents passed through the academy. They have brought up players and future champions who are developed in all aspects and are loyal to the organization.
smooya, Aunkere and fear can be signed by UK orgs
Professional CS:GO player Owen "smooya" Butterfield said that the BenchedHeroes mix at the next tournament may play under a new tag. He shared this information on his Twitter account. He was written by an organization from the UK and he spoke to them about signing a whole roster.