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Reddit user revealed the "deadliest" hero combo that can destroy enemies in 1-click
Do you prefer to play Grimstroke in the present-day meta? Do you think this hero is the most lethal? Idk. The names Lich, Witch Doctor, and Lion with Lina come to mind. In fact, if you get Tinker under Grim and buy Aghanim, heroes die when you press one button. This is the cruelest and most impressive combination.It isn't an ordinary joke!
Aghanim’s Shard - faddily discrimination for 50% heroes
Aghanim’s Shard - faddily discrimination for 50% heroes
When Valve adds unusual mechanics or new items, it's an excellent event for Dota community, because the game transforms completely differently. To tell the truth, sometimes Gaben confuses ordinary users with futuristic decisions that transform the game beyond recognition. Today we’ll talk about unfairness with Aghanim's Shard. Aghanim's Shard is an item that can be purchased at the Home Shop, or you can drop it out Roshan. AgS gives each hero a unique ability boost or adds a new ability. I can say for sure that you noticed how AgS gives some heroes super profitable game-change spells contra of other heroes, which purchase AgS at the last order. Below I’ll detail the best one and the worst AgS owners and compare them.