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HEET beat Astralis at CCT North Europe Series 2
CCT North Europe Series 2 playoffs -16 teams will compete in the competition's knockout round, including eight teams who progressed from the first Swiss System and eight invited teams. Teams will compete for a share of $50,000 and points on the CCT leaderboards for their region.
MOUZ got the fourth victory at ESL Pro League S16
MOUZ defeated HEET in the Group C match at ESL Pro League Season 16 CS:GO. The confrontation ended with a score of 2:1 - 16:19 on Ancient, 16:12 on Inferno and 16:9 on Vertigo. The team of David "frozen" Chernyansky earned a slot in the playoffs of the tournament. In the final match of group C, Astralis plays against Heroic.
Afroo: Astralis is acting predictably
French HEET CS:GO player Aurelien "afroo" Drapier spoke about his team's victory over Astralis in the match at ESL Pro League Season 16. The esportsman shared his thoughts in a post-match interview for an English-language analytics studio.
ENCE earned the first points at ESL Pro League S16
ENCE beat HEET in Group C at ESL Pro League Season 16 CS:GO. The meeting ended with a score of 2:0 - 16:6 on Dust2 and 16:11 on Vertigo. Astralis and MOUZ will fight in the next match of the tournament.
B8 Esports defeated HEET and qualified for the European RMR
The B8 Esports CS:GO roster has been selected to participate in the European RMR tournament on the eve of IEM Rio Major 2022 following the results of the third open qualifiers. In the decisive match for the quota, Arseniy's "cptkurtka023" Derevinsky roster outplayed the French from HEET with a score of 2:0.