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Filipino 12-year-old kid reached Immortal rank in the SEA region
Recall that SumaiL, one of the most recognizable Dota 2 players, till the age of 16 was signed by a top-tier team, and Rishi could set the bar lower with his playstyle.
TOP-5 legendary SEA region players
TOP-5 legendary SEA region players
Have your last few games been difficult for you? After two or three consecutive defeats, are you feeling unsteady? While some of us lament our daily rank difficulties, there are a few handful whose goal is to not just advance but also compete with experts, some of whom play an entire workday's worth of game every single day. Now let's turn our attention to Eastern Asia and list the top 5 SEA players.
LeBronDota: Played 12 pubs in South East Asia, had 0 griefers/ruiners
Serbian esportsman Nikola "LeBronDota" Popovic shared his impressions of playing Dota 2 matchmaking in Southeast Asia and Europe on Twitter.