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SUNSfan: After TI11 there will be news that will raise waves of fans rage
Professional Dota 2 commentator Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten said that after The International 2022, news may appear on the network that will upset Valve MOBA fans. The caster made the announcement during the We Say Things podcast on YouTube.
SUNSfan: I think it will be the year of PSG.LGD
American commentator and co-founder of the DotaCinema project Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten reflected on the reasons for the failure of Dota Underlords, shared his opinion on the new patch 7.32c in Dota 2, and also highlighted the favorites of the upcoming The International 2022 in Singapore.
Esports commentator reveals how much $$$ he earns
Professional eSports commentator Shannon "SUNSfan" Scottan shared his earnings and explained how much he collects from Dota 2 tournament organizers. Scottan noted that the price varies on several different criteria. For example, the scale of the competition, its duration, the number of spectators, etc.