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BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023: underdogs and favorites
BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023: underdogs and favorites
BLAST Spring Groups 2023 will open the beginning of the season in Copenhagen, Denmark. The first major tournament of the year is quickly approaching. What should we expect?
NaVi beat Vitality and Heroic defeat Outsiders at IEM Rio Major 2022
“S1mple” in the clash of the titans, defeated Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut. In the second round, Cloud9 will face Natus Vincere regardless of other outcomes, setting up their first meeting of the year, while FaZe and Vitality will face off in the 0-1 matchup.
Spinx: Vitality does not trust the strength of personal skill
Vitality player Lotan "Spinx" Giladi in an interview with HLTV portal spoke about the style of his team. He noted that now Vitality wins primarily due to the collective game and rarely relies on the high individual level of individual members of the squad.