Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


3, 2, 1 START! New Farmskins Promo Codes are already available on Use the “allcsgoskins” coupon code to collect a bonus of $8 for new users. Choose your favorite Counter Strike version and get $5 for free. Get $5 with classic cases, or increase your drop up to x4 with battle cases. How to Take Full Advantage of the FarmSkins Bonus Code? Read to know how.


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


The New Farmskins Promo Code is already available on

Today’s best Farmskins FREE promo coupon codes for May 2024:



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Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins” — Sign Up!

License — WiseAvant OÜ. Reg.number: 14777399. Address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kristiine linnaosa, Laki tn 14a, 10621

Promo Code — allcsgoskins

Bonus — Get $8 for FREE + $1 for New Users + CS2 Exclusive Cases Pack!

Daily Bonus — Get Free Battle Cases

Final Giveaway — Join with bullets or balance refill

Gaben’s Store — Receive bullets for opening every case.

G2A Score — GREAT! 99,2% (for 75,858 Reviews)

FarmSkins Games — CS 2 Sale, Gaben’s Store, Case Battle, Skin Changer, Upgrade, Daily Bonus, Gaben’s Giveaway, Cashback Skins Stores, VGO skin cases

Payment Options — Skin2Pay, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, UnionPay, BTC, ETH, WeChat Pay and more.

24/7 Support — Live Chat

Available — International

Bonus Valid — May 2024


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


How to Use Farmskins Promo Codes?

Step #1 Register via Steam on Use our referral link for a Limited Bonus. Get $8 for FREE + $1 for New Users + CS2 Exclusive Cases Pack. Make sure your Steam Level is 1 or higher.


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


Step 2: Log in to our site,, via Steam and check to create your profile. As a new user, you can use our referral link to get $1 for FREE.


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”

Step #3 Activate your account. Please verify that your TRADE OFFER URL is working correctly and your inventory is open BEFORE opening any cases. You should not have a VAC ban.


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”

Step #4 Select “Promo code” from the dropdown menu. Enter the coupon code “allcsgoskins” in the specified field, click the “USE” button, and your account will be credited. Important! By using our promo code allcsgoskins, you'll gain access to open purchase a complimentary case.


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


Maximizing the FarmSkins Coupon Codes

The FarmSkins Bonus Code is your ticket to unlocking the full potential of the FarmSkins platform, enabling you to enjoy its features, services, and games fully. To make the most of this code, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Act Swiftly: Redeem the code promptly. Codes have expiration dates and may run out if too many users claim them. Seize the opportunity while it's available.
  2. Exercise Caution: Responsible balance management is crucial while the code offers free cases and coins. Avoid excessive case openings or gambling, which could lead to losses. Open cases gradually, gamble moderately and set aside coins for the future.
  3. Strategic Approach: The code provides access to various case types and games, each with its risk-reward profile. Research and balance risk and reward that align with your preferences.
  4. Foster Creativity: The code allows you to explore creativity with your skins. Personalize them with stickers, nametags, or patterns. For added excitement, consider trading skins, like VGO skin cases, with other users, creating cases or games, and participating in special FarmSkins events.


Following these tips, you can use the FarmSkins Bonus Code app to get the most out of the platform, enjoying the thrill of opening CSGO cases and the fun of gambling with skins.

What are Farmskins?

Farmskins is a renowned CSGO and VGO skin cases and case opening platform established in 2016 and based in Tallinn, Estonia. This online store provides custom skin cases designed for CSGO and VGO skin cases. Users can easily access the platform through their Steam accounts, select their preferred crate, and then reveal the items inside with a click. If the items are within their budget, they can quickly add them to their inventory. 


Farmskins is one of the oldest stores that sells digital case keys worldwide. The platform has also hosted the Farmskins WCA 2017 Europe Qualifier. Additionally, the online store offers digital assets that enhance the gaming experience of CS:GO players. One of the most notable features of Farmskins is the availability of promo codes that enable users to enjoy additional savings.

FarmSkins Features and Benefits:


  • Tidy and welcoming homepage with a dark background and vibrant boxes. 
  • User-friendly navigation with a dedicated functionality section on the top right. 
  • Mobile-friendly design for easy access. 
  • Various weapon cases are available, including Knives' Cases, Statrak Cases, Quality-Only Cases, and weapon-specific Cases.
  • Customer care with options for direct chat, email, and an FAQ section for quick issue resolution.
  • A wide range of payment and withdrawal options exist, including debit/credit cards, Bitcoin, e-wallets, and Skin2Pay, a third-party option.
  • The affiliate system offers 3-7% off on all deposits made by referrals, with increasing earnings and rewards as deposit numbers rise. 
  • Welcome bonus for first-time users, skin sales, and the opportunity to make money through referrals.


FarmSkins Top Drop for the last 24 hours.


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


How to open CS 2 Skin Case on FarmSkins?

At FarmSkins, you're greeted with a treasure trove of famous CS 2 skin cases, each promising a shot at the most excellent gear without breaking the bank. From the timeless allure of Classic Cases to the mystique of Ancient and the allure of All-Star Cases, there's something here for every discerning CS 2 player. Whether you're looking to score big on a budget with Force Buy or unleash your creativity with The Creator Cases, FarmSkins has you covered. 


Dive into the Farm Cases for a taste of exclusivity, or aim for a streak with Streak Edition. With CS:GO Legacy and Battle Cases rounding out the selection, FarmSkins offers a comprehensive array of opportunities to level up your arsenal without overpaying. It's the ultimate destination for savvy gamers who crave top-tier skins without the hefty price tags.

To open a case, pick the one that catches your eye and give it a click.

Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”

Check out the diverse range of skins hiding within the Adventure Case. It's an exclusive case available on FarmSkins for just a few days. What sets FarmSkins apart from other case-opening sites is the 100% guarantee that you'll get one of the skins from the provided list. Click the “OPEN CASE” button.


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


Spin the endless array of skins tucked away in the case. Which one will be yours? Find out for yourself, SIGN UP NOW, claim your bonus, save money, create, and test your luck!


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


Payment Options on FarmSkins

You can top up your balance in your FarmSkins account using a bank card, cryptocurrency, or any popular payment service. FarmSkins accepts payments from both local and international electronic wallets. 


  • Skin2Pay, 
  • Paypal, 
  • Visa, Mastercard, 
  • Alipay, 
  • UnionPay, 
  • BTC, ETH, 
  • WeChat Pay, 
  • and many others are all accepted.


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”

Hurry Up! Limited FarmSkins Promo Codes and Bonuses

Which one Counter-Strike is the best? Help FarmSkins know your preference! Use our exclusive link, choose your favorite CS version, and get $5 for FREE + $1 EXTRA Bonus for new users. Hurry up, the bonus link will expire soon!


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


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Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


FarmSkins Scam or Real?

Is Farmskins Legit? Established in 2016, Farmskins has risen rapidly as a leading CSGO case opening platform. This online platform allows CSGO enthusiasts to unbox a diverse selection of farm skins, catering to various preferences. Accessible through Steam accounts, players can effortlessly choose their desired crate and reveal its contents with a simple click. Valuable items, if affordable with their balance, are promptly added to their inventory.

Pros of Farmskins:

✅ Multiple deposit methods are available. 
✅ Excellent support for mobile design. 
✅ A wide selection of cases to choose from. 
✅ The website can be viewed in 10 languages: BR, DE, JP, TR, FR, CN, EN, KR, ES, PL.
✅ Daily sales, bonuses available, discounts, and free cases are offered.

Cons of Farmskins:

❌ The live chat isn't always online. 
❌ Limited variety of games available. 

Alternative CS GO Case Opening Sites and CS 2 Case Opening Sites in 2024, other brands

Hellcase - Unique design, fair prices, and the option to sell unboxed items.
Daddyskins - Features an incredible jackpot system and integrates with Bitskins.
Datdrops - Supports ten languages and provides a good selection of cases with free offers.

Discount codes of other popular brands:

Hellcase website gains you more money using the "pushcase" promo code.
Incredible site Keydrop has various coupon codes and discount codes. Use the "allcsgoskins" promo code to get a 5% welcome bonus.


Farmskins' promo code system offers users a chance to open more cases and potentially win rare skins. The platform's features, various cases, promotion codes, and bonus opportunities make it an attractive option for CSGO enthusiasts. However, users should explore alternative sites and consider the available features and benefits before choosing. Stay informed about the recent coupon codes and latest promotions, save money, and bookmark our incredible site.


Farmskins Promo Code: Get $8 for FREE with code “allcsgoskins”


Frequently Asked Questions about Farmskins Promo Codes

What are the best Farmskins coupons available?

The best Farmskins promo code is 'allcsgoskins.' This discount code gives new customers $1 for every purchase and free case opening.

Is legit?

Yes, is a 100% legit and safe platform. It also has a large user base and a comprehensive list of followers on various social media platforms.

How to find a legit promo code?

Finding legit discount codes often involves a few key steps to ensure you're using authentic and beneficial discounts. Here's how you can find Farmskins legit promo code:

  1. Farmskins Official Website: Always check the Farmskins official website first. The company directly promotes its latest discount and promo codes on Farmskins sites.
  2. Email Newsletters: Subscribe to email newsletters from your favorite brands. They frequently send exclusive promo codes and coupon code to subscribers.
  3. Social Media: Follow Farmskins on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Companies often post special promotions and codes for their followers.
  4. Farmskins Special Events and Sales: Pay attention to events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or back-to-school seasons when farmskins coupons are plentiful.

Remember to check the expiration date and any specific terms associated with a promo codes to ensure it's valid and applicable to your purchase.

What is the best CS:GO case opening site?

Farmskins is considered one of the best CS:GO case opening sites, mainly due to its sound affiliate system. This incredible site has a variety of promo codes, discount codes, season promotions, and savings.

How do I activate the Farmskins promo code?


To activate a Farmskins promo code, use the free code "allcsgoskins," which provides $1 for free for case opening. Follow these steps:

  • Click the "Settings" button on the Farmskins website.
  • Go to the "Promo code" section.
  • Enter the code allcsgoskins, and your account will be filled out automatically! Checkout the expiration date before using.