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Heroic passed FaZe at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023
Heroic defeated FaZe 2-0 in the last game of the BLAST Premier Spring last group stage (Nuke 19-16, Inferno 16-10) to win Group B and go through to the semifinals.
Imperial beat Vitality at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023
Imperial began their BLAST Premier Spring Final campaign with an unexpected 2-0 victory against Vitality, then stunned everyone by picking up their Overpass selection in the first match, 16-3, before barely winning the series on Vertigo, 16-14.
Counter-Strike 2 all maps are confirmed in Source 2 release
The limited-test beta version of Counter-Strike 2 has been released, and along with it come completely redesigned maps. Along with additional CS:GO heritage maps that were left out, we have included the verified maps in the new edition.
When does Counter-Strike 2 release?
The long-awaited sequel to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from 2012 is now available. There is a lot of anticipation for this sequel as one of the most well-known and recognizable FPS games, but when will CS2 be released?
ENCE became IEM Dallas 2023 champions
With the international team reaching a new pinnacle in 2023, IEM Dallas has discovered a surprising champion in ENCE. At IEM Dallas, ENCE has won after seven days of fierce battle featuring several of the best teams in the globe. The underdog triumph includes victories against Complexity, Astralis, and FaZe twice.
FalleN and fer can choose FURIA: rumors
The announcement by Akkari comes amid recent reports that the FURIA camp may be changing its lineup. On June 2, a Brazilian source named Giovanni "gio" Deniz said that FalleN and the squad had already signed a pre-agreement and that Fernando "fer" Alvarenga may possibly be joining the team.
Endpoint said "goodbye" to Fessor
Endpoint has announced that it has mutually agreed to split ways with Frederik "Fessor" Srensen. The 22-year-old, who has only been a member of the team for four months, is therefore free to look into his possibilities as a free agent.
Astralis announced the signing Staehr from Sprout
Astralis is expecting further changes now that they have secured a major player they have been after for more than a year. Sprout has a deal with the 18-year-old youngster till the end of 2023. However, the two parties have not yet reached an agreement on the sale price, making an early transfer to the Danish company feasible.
IEM Dallas 2023 spectator's guide: schedule, teams, prize pool
IEM Dallas will begin on May 29 and include a three-day group stage, a single-elimination playoff bracket, and a best-of-three grand final that will take place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center on June 4.
Nitr0 is going to part ways with Liquid after IEM Dallas 2023
Just a few weeks after Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gainskis started to take over as the team's in-game captain, the captain is no longer on the active roster.
NaVi will not take part at the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023
Due to visa complications, Natus Vincere have been informed by BLAST that they will be unable to participate in the BLAST Premier Spring Final, which will take place in Washington, D.C., from June 7 to 11.
The third-highest top viewing figures in CS:GO history was set by BLAST PARIS MAJOR 2023
The final viewing figures for the BLAST Paris Major have been released on Esports Charts. Despite being the last CS:GO Major, Paris failed to set any viewing records, yet it will still be remembered as one of the most viewed CS:GO competitions ever.
Vitality got the last Major in CS:GO history at BLAST Paris 2023
In front of their own supporters, Vitality defeated GamerLegion 2-0 to win the last CS:GO Major trophy. The match was tense and passionate. After thrashing GamerLegion 16-6 on Overpass, the Franco-Danish team won 16-13 on Nuke to secure the victory.
Apeks will take on Vitality today as part of their ongoing war effort in BLAST Paris Major 2023
Apeks defeated Liquid in a two-map series to go to the Paris Major 2023 semifinals. They defeated Overpass (16-12) with ease after winning their first choice, Ancient (16-10), and Tim "nawwk" Jonasson contributed two critical clutches to advance his team to the Major semifinals.
Heroic eliminate FaZe Clan out of BLAST Paris Major 2023
In a three-map barn burner, Heroic defeated FaZe in the first quarterfinal of the Paris Major 2023 (Nuke 16-14, Overpass 12-16, Mirage 16-6) to advance to the top four in Paris.