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CS2 new leaderboard system is coming in August: new patch notes update
A significant change to Counter-Strike's in-game competitive ecology has been discovered by dataminers, and it looks to be coming to CS2 when the game comes later this summer.
Completely redesigned maps, using all new Source 2 tools and rendering technologies, Valve made really beautiful, modern-looking maps. All your items won't just stay in CS2, but will be more beautiful due to the way Source 2 handles illumination and material. The game not only maintains the previous colorings but also enlists new, high-quality models for some of them.
You can now play CS2 beta-test without invite
Counter-Strike 2, a follow-up to CS:GO, has officially been unveiled by Valve and will first start with a restricted test beta before the full release. Here is all the information you need in order to download, access, and use the CS2 beta.
PGL starts ticket sales for CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024
PGL has begun selling tickets for the first CS2 Major, scheduled to take place in Copenhagen in March 2024, as was previously announced on June 12th. The Royal Arena, which has already held many BLAST Fall Finals events and has a maximum capacity of 16,000 people, will serve as the site of four playoff days (March 28-31).