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Why do players switch to a knife after shooting with an AWP?
Have you noticed that snipers switch to a knife after a shot? This habit is common among professionals and in matchmaking as well. Even s1mple does this, and sometimes it switches in a split second.
Nerf of AWP CS:GO: will it turn the game upside down?
Nerf of AWP CS:GO: will it turn the game upside down?
The best AWPers worldwide: Zyw0o, S1mple, KennyS, CadiaN, and M0NESY, how many highlights have they made using your favorite device, the AWP? Dozens, hundreds, thousands of phrases. Would they have made those kills if, for example, the AWP had 5 rounds instead of 10? - That's an excellent question to think about because five bullets are a reality.