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WePlay Academy League Season 5 review
WePlay Academy League Season 5 review
WePlay Academy League Season 5. Fourteen youth teams from Europe, CIS, Turkey, and South America will fight for the prize fund of $100,000 at the championship that will run until August 14. Probably, the main favorite and contender for the victory is already known. While the adult teams were resting, the newbies decided to gain experience and get involved in the new WePlay Academy League season. However, we still invite you to get acquainted with the format, participants, and prize pool distribution of the championship.
The venues of the RMR tournaments have become known
European RMR to be held in Malta October 4-9. American RMR in Sweden October 5-9. Asian RMR in Australia from October 7-9. On August 26, the last open qualifier for the RMR in Europe starts. Astralis has not yet qualified for the tournament.