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N0tail helped fan to find a girlfriend after he posted photo with him
N0tail performed on the professional stage from 2012 to 2022. Together with OG, the Dane became the champion of many tier-1 tournaments, including two The International. During his career, the esportsman has earned more than $7.1 million.
The worst 16:0 mathes in CS:GO history
The worst 16:0 mathes in CS:GO history
Did you have a 16:0 defeat? What did you feel after that? Frustration, aggression, or irritability? Imagine how the players whose lives and work are in CS:GO would react to such a situation. That is a challenging stage for every professional player.
OG and Liquid complete their participation at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
After achieving a high enough rating on the BLAST Leaderboard, the organizer's points-based ranking used to identify a percentage of the teams playing at the end-of-year competition. OG and Liquid were the last two teams to qualify for the BLAST Premier World Final.
OG - Outsiders: the last battle for a slost in "challengers" IEM Rio 2022
OG - Outsiders: the last battle for a slost in "challengers" IEM Rio 2022
Do you know that these two teams have never met in competitive CS:GO? OG won 0 times, Outsiders got 0 wins. Looking ahead, OG got its place in the list of challengers, but Outsiders took 8th place in the tournament and got contender status. And we are friends can only wait for the Rio Major, and you can share your predictions about the future performances of the teams.
FlameZ: OG needed a cool star sniper
OG CS:GO player Shakhar "flameZ" Shushan compared his team before and after Russian sniper Abdul "degster" Gasanov moved to the roster. The cybersportsman shared his thoughts in an interview that was published on Hasanov's YouTube channel.
Illuminar lost to OG at European RMR Group B
Team OG defeated Illuminar at IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR B in CS:GO. The match at Overpass ended with a score of 16:5.
MOUZ defeat OG at the European RMR Group B
MOUZ beat OG in the opening round of IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR B in CS:GO. The match on Vertigo ended with a score 16:10. Christopher "dexter" Nong's team earned the first points of the tournament.
Valve released a full version of True Sight about the TI8 Grand Finals
Valve has released an extended episode of the True Sight documentary series dedicated to the final match of The International 2018 between the OG and PSG.LGD.
Astralis vs OG - one-side victory: Blast Premier Fall 2022 key match
Astralis vs OG - one-side victory: Blast Premier Fall 2022 key match
The Astralis have faced OG twice at Blast Premier: Fall 2022. In the current season, the teams met once - in the group stage of BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022, Astralis won (16:9). It also makes sense to recall the statistics of matches between the teams. The opponents played 7 matches between them. In this case, Astralis won 4 times, and the team OG was the winner 3 times. But, for the majority, OG was the favorite. They played a good match against Faze Clan and made a sensation.