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Overpass - map analysis
Overpass - map analysis
Overpass appeared in the CS:GO map pool with an update along with the Cobblestone map in 2013. This map is highly sought after, even in the professional world. Due to the combination of medium and long ranges on open terrain, the map is preferred by many gamers. Participating groups might designate their locations to improve game involvement.
B1ad3⁠: We realized that we can destroy Heroic on Overpass
NaVi coach Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodensky answered questions from the organizers of ESL Pro League Season 16 after defeating Heroic in the 1/8 finals. In particular, the specialist talked about the map veto process and why his team wanted to play Overpass instead of Nuke as the decisive map.
EliGE: Overpass is a bad map for Liquid, we get humiliated in pracs eternally
Team Liquid player Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski gave an interview to the organizers of ESL Pro League Season 16 after defeating Fnatic in the 1/8 finals. He was pleased with the actions of his team, but at the same time noted the weakness of the Liquid on the Overpass map, where they lost with a score of 9:16.