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Device will skip the first competitive games of Astralis
After the organization lost out on a berth at the IEM Rio Major and the AWPer was sidelined for over a year, it created a chance for Astralis and device to rise to the pinnacle of professional Counter-Strike.
Astralis plans to sign Staehr and Farlig to their roster
Astralis is interested in signing Sprout player Viktor "Staehr" Stehr. This became known to the portal
Astralis CS:GO made the roster update
Astralis organization on its official Twitter announced the start of the restructuring of the team due to unsatisfactory results. The club's first move was to part ways with coach Martin "trace" Heldt, who was fired.
Lineup changes in Astralis Talent
John Dow
September 25, 2022
Lineup changes in Astralis Talent
It's pretty interesting, what the future holds for Victor "vigg0" Bisgaard, and which team he will play. He was in Astralis Talent for 624 days, it was his first and only team. What team or organization do you think would believe in this guy and invite him to join? And what team would you like to see an ex-Astralis Talent player?