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Cloud9 defeat Astralis and took Brazy Party championship
The Russian-dominated team defeated the Danish team in three matches to win their second online event of the year.
CS:GO eSports events often include prize pools worth millions of dollars. By winning these competitions, professional teams may develop their companies. The highest-earning CS:GO teams are led by the Danish team Astralis, but who else is on the list?
BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023: underdogs and favorites
BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023: underdogs and favorites
BLAST Spring Groups 2023 will open the beginning of the season in Copenhagen, Denmark. The first major tournament of the year is quickly approaching. What should we expect?
Astralis hired an analyst who "sold" the tactics of his own team
Do you remember Hunden? He was the first person to get banned for using a coaching bug, and then he got banned again for leaking strategies. And so Nikolai was signed by Astralis - in the new season he will become the main analyst for the Danish squad.
TOP-10 legendary “ninja” defuse in CS:GO
TOP-10 legendary “ninja” defuse in CS:GO
Is NaVi “Gods of ninja defuse”? Is Krimz invisible? Should the Faze Clan work on their concentration? All of this is covered in our list of the best ninja defuse techniques today.
BIG and Astralis got a slot to CCT Central Europe Series 4 semi-final
From December 3 through December 18 online, CCT Central Europe Series 4 is available. 24 teams from Europe and the CIS are competing in the event for a $50,000 total prize fund. 16 teams will now compete to take home the majority of $50,000 in the CCT Central Europe Series 4.
HEET beat Astralis at CCT North Europe Series 2
CCT North Europe Series 2 playoffs -16 teams will compete in the competition's knockout round, including eight teams who progressed from the first Swiss System and eight invited teams. Teams will compete for a share of $50,000 and points on the CCT leaderboards for their region.
Astralis shared club's plans in 2023
The team's in-game leader, gla1ve, said that the last two online events of the year would be a great chance for the new team to gain experience and that he couldn't wait to get back to the server with dev1ce.
BIG beat Sprout and advanced to the Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 Grand Final
BIG Clan squad which previously won the online Roobet Cup 2022, has a chance to claim their second championship in a year otherwise marred by forced roster changes.
Is device going to Astralis after the Major: interview with FL1T
Is device going to Astralis after the Major: interview with FL1T
Outsiders won the Major, much to everyone's surprise! Several people have come a long way in several years, the last time Jame and Qikert played in the finals of a Major in 2019. And Fame and N0rb3r7 came quite recently, but they greatly strengthened the team. Daniil Savkin remembered the Outsiders' path to victory!
Device will skip the first competitive games of Astralis
After the organization lost out on a berth at the IEM Rio Major and the AWPer was sidelined for over a year, it created a chance for Astralis and device to rise to the pinnacle of professional Counter-Strike.
YNk: I wonder if gla1ve has the authority to swap Heroic players to Astralis
Professional eSports analyst Janko "YNk" Paunovic on the Talking Counter podcast shared his opinion on the restructuring of the Astralis roster, which began with the resignation of coach Martin "trace" Heldt. He thinks Heroic's René "TeSeS" Madsen or Rasmus "sjuush" Beck would be an ideal newcomer to the team, but he's not sure if they would be interested in working with Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander.
Pimp: Trace didn't have optimal working conditions with Astralis
Professional CS:GO analyst Jakob "Pimp" Vinneche took to Twitter to comment on Astralis' decision to part ways with coach Martin "trace" Heldt. He noted that despite the lack of noticeable progress of the team, the specialist did not have optimal working conditions.
YNk on G2 and Astralis: Nothing motivates more than watching the Major from home
Professional esports analyst Janko "YNk" Paunovic shared his opinion on the prospects of G2 and Astralis in the Talking Counter podcast after their sensational exit from the European RMR tournament. He believes skipping the Major should motivate these teams and make them work hard to be successful in the future.
Astralis CS:GO made the roster update
Astralis organization on its official Twitter announced the start of the restructuring of the team due to unsatisfactory results. The club's first move was to part ways with coach Martin "trace" Heldt, who was fired.