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The esports community has always adored rumors about the personal lives of cyber athletes. Of course, a player's CS:GO avatar is determined by his play style, shooting, and mistakes. However, we overlook an equally important aspect of their careers. The presence of a “beloved” partner who inspires you and helps you achieve CS:GO “clouds”.
Ex-CS:GO esportswoman sentenced to life imprisonment can return to competitive scene
She has been a professional CS:GO player for eleven years, most recently with Keydet Stars. At various times, she also represented the paiN Gaming and MIBR clubs. From 2017 to 2019, shAy dated Brazilian player Fernando fer Alvarenga, and later ended her career and became a streamer.
Nigma Galaxy Female got 1st place at ESL Impact League season 2
Nigma Galaxy Female didn't lose a single map in the tournament. Previously, the team also became champions of ESL Impact League Season 1 and the ESL Impact Valencia 2022 tournament.
Season 2 of the ESL Impact League will begin in Jonkoping
The most vital women's Counter-Strike league is coming back to LAN for the Season 2 Finals of DreamHack Winter. At DreamHack Winter, a new Impact League champion will be crowned.
ESL announces development plans for ESL Impact League
The fourth season of the ESL Impact League will take place online between September and October. The same structure as in the previous season will be provided by the organizers. The first stop on the ESL circuit's 2023 schedule will be a stand-alone competition for the top two teams from Europe, North America, and South America, who will compete against one another at IEM Katowice in February of that year.
Furia.fe vs Mibr.fe - ESL Impact League Season 2
Furia.fe vs Mibr.fe - ESL Impact League Season 2
The match for the title of the best South American women's organization. Are the girls playing head-to-head with the men? Read about all of this in our brief review of the Furia.fe vs Mibr.fe match at ESL Impact League Season 2.
What has served as such an accelerator in the women's cyber industry?
What has served as such an accelerator in the women's cyber industry?
Women's lineups are beginning to progress in many sports these days, which is not surprising because, with the beginning of this story, new audiences, emotions, and stories are coming to the sport. This theme has not escaped cybersports. For example, the leading CS:GO organizations have already created women's squads in their ranks.
Nigma Galaxy - strongest women among men
John Dow
September 27, 2022
Nigma Galaxy - strongest women among men
Female videogames have historically been less well-liked, but in recent years, some top event organizers have joined the market and helped to foster the growth of females' CS:GO. As a result, Nigma Galaxy has most successfully formed itself as a dominant force both in the European region and beyond. The girls were signed by the European organization in November 2021, while this year they have constantly placed well in competitions, exalting the brand.
CS:GO Astralis assembled a female CS:GO roster
Esports organization Astralis has signed a female CS:GO roster. The roster was presented on the club's official website: Rachel "RacheLL" Kuyava (2680 elo), Cassandra "kezziwow" Heya (2760 elo), Aurora "aurora" Lyngdahl(2069 elo), Joana "Joanana" Vlaykova(2347 elo), Celine "spike" Alak (2342 elo).
Ninjas in Pajamas signed a female CS:GO roster
Esports club Ninjas in Pajamas has announced the signing of a female CS:GO roster. The roster included three former representatives of GODSENT Female and two eSportswomen who represented Copenhagen Flames. Current NiP fe: 7licious, jenkon, pullox⁠, Minnie, Astra.