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CS:GO eSports events often include prize pools worth millions of dollars. By winning these competitions, professional teams may develop their companies. The highest-earning CS:GO teams are led by the Danish team Astralis, but who else is on the list?
Fnatic farewell Dota 2 roster
According to reports, the British club would aid former players in finding new clubs. The team's last appearances under the Fnatic moniker will be at BTS Pro Series Season 14: Southeast Asia, after which they will formally part ways with the company.
Fnatic Dota player house was robbed during his game on Bounty Hunter
His Twitter post does not say whether he called the cops. He recently said that he found out about this "news" while playing ranked mm as Bounty Hunter. The player did not name the amount of money that was stolen.
blameF became the strongest player at Elisa Masters Espoo 2022
More than 30 Bo1 matches were shown over the course of the past two days while Elisa Masters Espoo was in full flow. The group stage is now over since one specific name was included throughout. It is Benjamin "blameF" Bremer.
Outsiders.Jame - from zero to hero: IEM Rio Major 2022 interview
Outsiders.Jame - from zero to hero: IEM Rio Major 2022 interview
The main championship of the autumn season, the IEM Rio Major 2022, has concluded. As part of the tournament, which was held from October 31 to November 13 in Rio de Janeiro at the Jeunesse Arena and at the Riocentro conference center, 24 teams from the CIS, Europe, Asia, NA, SA fought for a total prize pool of $1,250,000. The winner of the tournament was the Outsiders, which in the Grand Final was stronger than the Danes from Team Heroic with a score of 2:0 (Mirage - 16:12; Overpass - 16:5).
Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 playoffs starts today
Six teams will compete beginning on Friday for the trophy, the majority of the $200,000 prize fund, and a seat in the IEM Katowice 2023 Play-In once the Elisa Masters Espoo group stage has concluded.
Mouz advanced to the "Legends' stage at IEM Rio Major 2022
MOUZ have had trouble finding a consistent rhythm, with strong performances here and at the EPL being countered by weak ones at the RMR and the ESLCS Rotterdam. Regardless, dexter's team excelled under pressure and made a strong case for a spot on the Legends Stage at one of the year's biggest events.
mezii: RMR Major is important for Fnatic
Team Fnatic captain William "meziiā " Merriman spoke to HLTV about the importance of a successful performance at the RMR tournament for Europe. According to the source, the team needs to earn a place at the IEM Rio 2022 Major, including for their organization, which expects to be constantly represented at all major competitions.
EliGE: Overpass is a bad map for Liquid, we get humiliated in pracs eternally
Team Liquid player Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski gave an interview to the organizers of ESL Pro League Season 16 after defeating Fnatic in the 1/8 finals. He was pleased with the actions of his team, but at the same time noted the weakness of the Liquid on the Overpass map, where they lost with a score of 9:16.
Participants of the group stage of TI11 have been reveal
The top 12 teams at the end of the Dota Pro Circuit season and six teams that have passed through the regional qualifiers for The International 2022 have been determined. All of them will start the main Dota 2 tournament of the year from the group stage. Two more slots at TI11 will be up for grabs at the Last Chance tournament. The list of participants in this championship can be found here.
Dota 2 ESL One Malaysia 2022: short summary
Dota 2 ESL One Malaysia 2022: short summary
The tournament began on August 23 and ended on August 28. The prize pool was $400,000, with $175,000 available for first place, almost half of the total prize pool. The tournament was attended by 12 teams, 7 of which received direct invitations, and 5 were selected through qualifications: OG, Aster, Team Secret, Fnatic, Entity, ThunderAwaken, Nigma Galaxy, TSM, BOOM, Talon Esports, Alliance, Team Liquid.
Team Spirit lost to Fnatic at EPL S16
Fnatic beat Team Spirit in Group A at ESL Pro League Season 16 CS:GO. The match ended with a score of 2:0 - 16:11 on Nuke and 16:9 on Mirage. For the team of Freddy "KRiMZ" Johansson, this victory was the second in the tournament. After four rounds, Team Spirit has two wins and two losses. In the next meeting of the game day, Natus Vincere will face Team Vitality.
Fnatic "destroyed" NIP in Group A at ESL Pro League Season 16
Fnatic beat Ninjas in Pajamas in Group A at ESL Pro League Season 16 CS:GO. The result of the meeting is 2:0 (16:4 on Ancient, 16:4 on Overpass). Therefore, William "mezii" Merriman and company scored three points. NiP earned zero points.
B8 Esports defeated HEET and qualified for the European RMR
The B8 Esports CS:GO roster has been selected to participate in the European RMR tournament on the eve of IEM Rio Major 2022 following the results of the third open qualifiers. In the decisive match for the quota, Arseniy's "cptkurtka023" Derevinsky roster outplayed the French from HEET with a score of 2:0.
Maelstorm: "Fnatic continue to amaze me very much"
Russian Dota 2 commentator Vladimir "Maelstorm" Kuzminov spoke about Fnatic's performance at ESL One Malaysia 2022. On the first map against the showdown, Fnatic had a 26k gold advantage. BOOM Esports won back but failed to complete the map in their favor. Fnatic started their run at ESL One Malaysia 2022 with a win.