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Why Valve is the most greediest moneymaking company?
Valve's greed has sparked outrage among professional players and professional teams. The community demands that Gaben at least double the funding for DPC seasons to make Dota 2 cyber more stable and attractive. Let us remind you that TI's prize fund is 25% of the money earned by Valve from the sale of the Battle Pass plus $1.6 million in guaranteed prize money from the organizer.
Dota fan upgraded 173 levels of the Battle Pass without any donation
According to his Reddit post, his goal was to understand how many items can be obtained without investing funds. To reach this level, a Valve MOBA fan had to complete all weekly tasks and go through two levels of catacombs.
Valve released the second part of the Battle Pass
Everyone is already tired for the second part of BP! Battle Pass can be purchased or obtained for free thanks to the souvenir bag, but you will still have to pay for new levels. The main feature of the pass is that only Valve earns from the second part, and TI members do not get anything from it. Whoever had doubts?
Bundle with 120 Battle Pass levels became available in Dota 2
Today Valve released a set with additional levels for the Battle Pass and treasures Ageless Heirloom and Immortal of the first and second series.
Ephey has the most popular Battle Pass phrase among TI11 talents
Reddit user "jeromehage" shared statistics on the use of voice lines of talents that will take part in coverage of The International 2022.
Dota 2 fan is the first in the world to buy 100k levels of Battle Pass TI11
Dota 2 fan with the nickname Yuki Yuki is the first in the world to reach 100 thousand Battle Pass levels for The International 2022. At the time of publication of the material, this is the highest compendium level among all users. Statistics provided by the site
Valve introduced Team Spirit and PSG.LGD players voices to the Battle Pass 2022
Valve has added new in-game chat wheel voice lines to Dota 2 for Battle Pass 2022 owners. Battle Pass owners can get Team Spirit and PSG.LGD players from True Sight to talk about The International 10 (2021) finale.
Valve added DPC 2021/2022 players stickers to Dota 2
Valve released a collection of stickers dedicated to the best teams in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 ranking. Moreover, the developers have opened access to a special album and the ability to apply stickers to the selected hero.
Valve added Phantom Assassin Arcana to Battle Pass 2022
The Exile Unveiled cosmetic item for Phantom Assassin has become available in Dota 2. The fact that a new personality for the hero has been added to the game client was announced by the developers on the official website.