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TOP-3 eSports tournaments in Dota
TOP-3 eSports tournaments in Dota
Cyber tournaments are the “backbone” of the eSports industry, which makes it a popular alternative sport and a billion-dollar field. Tournament operators are in charge of organizing and hosting large-scale cybersports events. Today, eSports industry is rapidly expanding and will continue to expand. With each new year and tournament, the prize money grows, and new opportunities for different players appear. Fans are not far behind from the trends, especially in Dota 2 discipline.
SyndereN about BTS orgs: It's a huge shame for Valve
Professional caster, streamer and former professional player Troels Lyngholt "syndereN" Nielsen commented on the news that tournament operator Beyond the Summit will not host Dota Pro Circuit leagues next season.
Beyond the Summit will not hold a DPC league next year
The tournament operator Beyond the Summit will not organize and host Dota Pro Circuit in the 2022/2023 season. BTS co-founder David "LD" Gorman announced the news on Twitter.