Everything truly about Dendi and Cybersport in details

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Dendi is the oldest professional player in Dota 2 history
Dendi's recent performance hasn't been very noteworthy. The renowned Ukrainian esportsman, who formed his own esports company, B8, could not fulfill his goals and return to the top level. The team's best performance is their 5-6th finish on WePlay.
Top bug-madness in Dota 2
Top bug-madness in Dota 2
No doubt, bugs, and errors affect the game quite a lot. For this reason, IT seniors release patches, regular technical reworks, and updates. Dota 2, especially Valve IT team, is no exception. Each new patch is usually accompanied by the appearance of new bugs, both ordinary cosmetic ones and ruining the entire game mechanic, that sometimes causes server crashes and other global problems. Sometimes such “mistakes” affect the match’s results, including the performance of E-sportsmen on the professional cyber scene.
Puppey is a leader in the number of games at TI among all players in Dota 2
Team Secret captain Clement "Puppey" Ivanov holds the record for the number of matches and victories in The International tournaments among all Dota 2 players. Statistics published on the Liquipedia portal.