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Top bug-madness in Dota 2
Top bug-madness in Dota 2
No doubt, bugs, and errors affect the game quite a lot. For this reason, IT seniors release patches, regular technical reworks, and updates. Dota 2, especially Valve IT team, is no exception. Each new patch is usually accompanied by the appearance of new bugs, both ordinary cosmetic ones and ruining the entire game mechanic, that sometimes causes server crashes and other global problems. Sometimes such “mistakes” affect the match’s results, including the performance of E-sportsmen on the professional cyber scene.
Dendi stopped streaming due to a hacker who kicked 5-players from a match
Ukrainian professional Dota 2 player Danil "Dendi" Ishutin stopped live streaming due to a hacker who was able to disconnect players from the server. Dendi has been pursued on his streams by a viewer who kicked both allies and rivals out of the match.