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Dota 2 fans found a bug which conducts to server crash
To crash the server, players need to purchase an item, use its active ability on teammates, and then sell it. If an enemy casts a directed spell on the player while under the effect of the sold Linken's Sphere, the server will stop working.
Dota fans found a bug that allows to detect the enemies through a fog of war
Redditor sent a video with an error to Valve, but has not yet received a response. He hopes the developers will fix it soon. Representatives of MOBA did not comment on the situation.
Reddit users revealed super rare feature for Axe players
Doters claim that for the first time, such a feature of the interaction of the ability with this item was discovered a few months ago. Since then, Valve has released several updates with bug fixes, but has not changed this mechanic.
Reddit user revealed Shadow Demon bug that steals your skill point
So, if you purchase Aghanim's Shard, which has level 2 Demonic Purge, and use skillpoint on it, it will steal your skillpoint for the rest of the match.
Dota fans revealed Pangolier Swashbuckle animation bug
Players below the author's post texted that the skill mechanics are still functioning normally, it is just visually bugged. However, some fans were curious about how the damage is applied: to the player mark area or in a buggy way.
Valve fixed a critical bug with a reward for flagbearer creep
Previously, the reward for killing an (ally) standard flagbearer creep was 34-39 gold. After the patch, it should have been 44-49 gold, but the change does not mean anything. This is literally the first line in the patch, by the way.
Dota fans found "5x Vambrace" bug
Players are encouraged to keep a look out for additional vulnerabilities or exploits that could exist that enable them to get stuff for free in the interim while buying them in the game. Overall, it's unclear how the glitch will affect the game and its user base.
Top bug-madness in Dota 2
Top bug-madness in Dota 2
No doubt, bugs, and errors affect the game quite a lot. For this reason, IT seniors release patches, regular technical reworks, and updates. Dota 2, especially Valve IT team, is no exception. Each new patch is usually accompanied by the appearance of new bugs, both ordinary cosmetic ones and ruining the entire game mechanic, that sometimes causes server crashes and other global problems. Sometimes such “mistakes” affect the match’s results, including the performance of E-sportsmen on the professional cyber scene.
Reddit users found a new bug with Primal Beast in Dota 2
Dota 2 fans have discovered a new bug related to Primal Beast and Tiny skills. One of the players showed what a mistake looks like on the part of the opponents. He posted the video on Reddit.
Dota 2 started crashing after casting Rubick's Telekinesis with Aghanim's Shard
A critical bug has been discovered in Dota 2 due to which the game completely closes when using Telekinesis with Rubick's Aghanim's Shard. Information about this appeared on Reddit.
Reddit users found a new vulnerability that crashes Dota
Hackers have found a new vulnerability in Dota 2 that makes it impossible for streamers to start searching for the game. Analyst Alexandra "sheepsticked" Roberts told about this on Reddit.
Maelstorm discovered a new bug with Primal Beast
Professional Dota 2 commentator Vladimir "Maelstorm" Kuzminov demonstrated a bug in Dota 2, due to which hero models "hammered" underground. To reproduce the error, you will need Rubick Rubick and the Primal Beast.
Maelstorm reported a new bug with Necrophos and Wraith King Ults
RuHub studio professional commentator Vladimir "Maelstorm" Kuzminov spoke about the incorrect interaction of the ultimate abilities of Necrophos and Wraith King (if the latter has Aghanim's Scepter). The essence of the bug is that Necrophos with Reaper's Scythe can kill the enemy, ignoring Reincarnation.
Dota 2 fans found a bug with a double MMR bet
One of the Battle Pass rewards, the Double Rating Bet Token, only works if you lose. Reddit users are complaining about the problem en masse. A user named noodlesfordaddy reminded the developers that part of the Battle Pass 2022 functionality does not work in the game. He collected several threads on Reddit complaining about the incorrect operation of the double rating bet tokens, and also provided a link to the Double Down bug report on Github.
Dota 2 fans have found a visual bug in Catacombs
Dota 2 players have discovered a bug due to which the icon of an unknown hero is displayed in the Catacombs.