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According to KuroKy, everything is well within the team, although they are going through the worst times. There is no reason to make any new reshuffles because we can see from the example of many teams that very frequent changes are rarely beneficial. And what do you think, it's time for the boys to go other ways? So, now they have big problems, but the team still remained in the 1st division and still has an opportunity to prove itself.
TI11 winner made "pee" to the water bottle during DPC match
It is noteworthy that the pause was 6 minutes 43 seconds, while the team finished the map even faster - after 4 minutes 22 seconds. That is, Tundra could finish the game in order to let Lepko go to the toilet faster.
PGL refused to hire the "hottest" female Dota 2 caster for the next DPC season
Ephey did not announce that PGL invited her to cast DPC 2023. In Reddit post dedicated to this topic, she did not directly answer the question of whether she will work on DPC, but asked viewers to support newcomers and not worry about quality content, and urged to hope that by the end of the season the number of guest commentators will increase
Quincy Crew will not play in the next DPC season
It should be noted that only Quinn, who just joined the Gaimin Gladiators, could find a new squad from the Quincy Crew's last roster.
SumaiL will continue to play for Nigma Galaxy
Nigma also announced that supports Kuro KuroKy Salehi Takhasomi, Maroon GH Merhei and offlaner Ivan MinD_ContRoL Borislavov retained their places in the roster. In addition, the organization introduced a new coach - Daniel ImmortalFaith Mozu, who replaced Roman rmN- Paley.
Valve increased fines for switching during the DPC season
Having played five or more matches with a stand-in in the regional league, the team is disqualified and automatically loses all subsequent games.
Bleed eSports plans to pay for DPC slot
The fact that a new company is attempting to break into the Southeast Asian Dota 2 market is encouraging. Sadly, it comes at the cost of a well-known international esports roster giving up their seat, namely T1.
Ana considers that DPC league is useless
Two-time TI champion Anatan "ana" Pham criticized the Dota Pro Circuit competitive system. In an interview with, he stated that he does not play in the league from Valve until the studio changes something in this series of tournaments.
What you need to know about DPC before The International 2022
Dota 2
John Dow
September 10, 2022
What you need to know about DPC before The International 2022
DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) is the name of a tournament held for professional Dota 2 teams. Since 2017, Valve has held a full cybersports season in which all participants compete. The main reward for participating in DPC Dota 2 is a direct invitation to the annual tournament, The International, with the largest prize pool. There are also other rewards.