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EG coach: We can beat anyone, but we can't do it consistently yet
Evil Geniuses coach Daniel "vorborg" Vorborg believes that at their best, his team is capable of beating any opponent, but now they rarely manage to maintain a high level of play over several matches. The Dane spoke about this in a conversation with a journalist from the Jaxon portal after passing through to IEM Rio Major 2022.
vorborg explained how the EG coaching staff works
Evil Geniuses main team coach Daniel "vorborg" Vorborg during the English broadcast of ESL Pro League Season 16 talked about how he interacts with the director of the club's CS:GO division Soham "valens" Chowdhury and the recently introduced strategy coach Damien "maLeK" Marseille. He appreciated the help of colleagues and admitted that it would be very difficult for him to cope with his duties alone.