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EG eSports made changes in CS:GO rosters
After almost six months as members of EG White and EG Black, respectively, Jonathan Dallal and Connor Sullivan have been freed from their agreements with Evil Geniuses.
Evil Geniuses will take part in BTS Pro Series Season 13: Americas
EG parted ways with the previous roster on November 15th. The team members decided to continue playing together, but with minor changes in the roster.
EG unveiled a new Dota 2 roster
The squad will make their debut during DPC 2022/2023's first season. The organization did not mention whether the first division spot was still up for grabs or if Evil Geniuses would begin their campaign with open qualifiers.
Evil Geniuses said goodbye to Dota 2 squad
It's never easy to say goodbye, especially to a story as long as ours. Thanks to Arteezy, Abed, Nightfall, Cr1t- and Fly for all you've done, from all of us at Evil Geniuses.