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Why B1ad3 is not the best CS:GO coach?
Why B1ad3 is not the best CS:GO coach?
B1ad3 was nominated for Coach of the Year. Again? Why? Every year the same thing happens. How much did NaVi pay HLTV? Is B1ad3 such a brilliant coach that, despite the unsuccessful season of the Ukrainian team, he could become the best coach?
Best CS:GO highlights of 2022
HLTV completed the publication of the TOP-20 players at the special Awards Show in Stockholm on January 14th. NaVi s1mple turned out to be the strongest esportsman of 2022, while Mathieu ZywOo Herbo and Dmitry sh1ro Sokolov entered the TOP-3
Blood money dance: 1xGOAT league sponsored by terrorists?
Blood money dance: 1xGOAT league sponsored by terrorists?
Does the $100,000 outweigh the pride? HLTV announced a new CS:GO media league from the Russian bookmaker 1xbet. This tournament was attended by professional players, streamers, coaches, and famous personalities. What is wrong with the 1xGOAT participants who played charity tournaments in support of Ukraine a couple of months ago? 
Who was "The best CS:GO grenademan" of 2022?
HLTV singled out the following players despite having somewhat lower ratings: stavn (6.7 damage), cadiaN (7.6 damage), Brollan (7.4 damage), hampus (7.2 damage), TeSeS (7 damage), and NiKo (6.7 damage).
ZywOo named the most efficient CS:GO player in 2022
The next for him is Ukrainian AWPer s1mple, who had a performance with a rating of 1.37 in BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022. NaVi's sharpshooter did not do as well in the second half of 2022, and team's season was not the most successful.
Three CS:GO professional players have been nominated for the Highlight of the year
This post will discuss the final list of awards that will be presented at the HLTV Award Show 2022 after the panel's nominations were made public yesterday. The nominations for 2022 are as follows: m0NESY, Patsi, Wonderful.