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Aleksib shared his first impressions after transfer to NIP
The new NIP captain Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen in an interview with the club's YouTube channel commented on his joining the Scandinavian squad. The Finnish player believes that his signing will allow the Ninjas to freshen up the roster.
NIP and Astralis agreed to transfer device for €600,000
Esports clubs NIP and Astralis have reached an agreement on the transfer of Nikolai "device" Reedtz. has learned that the Danish club will pay around €600,000 for the player.
Aurora players have issued visas and got to the RMR Europe
Aurora team solved the problems with obtaining Schengen visas and went to the next RMR tournament for Europe in full force. This was announced by a member of the newly formed team Viktor "Lack1" Boldyrev on his Twitter.
IEM Rio 2022 Major prize pool increased to $1.25 mln
Tournament operator ESL announced on its social networks that the prize pool for the next Major has been increased by $250,000. Due to the number of cash rewards that were previously played as part of the regional qualifiers, the prize pool at IEM Rio 2022 will amount to $1.25 million.
flamie: 1WIN has a good chance to qualify to the Major
1WIN player Yegor "flamie" Vasiliev in an interview with the YouTube club channel shared his expectations from participation in the European RMR tournament, which will be held October 4-9 in Malta. He noted that the team is gradually improving its game and its ability to break into the IEM Rio 2022 Major.