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Imperial beat Vitality at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023
Imperial began their BLAST Premier Spring Final campaign with an unexpected 2-0 victory against Vitality, then stunned everyone by picking up their Overpass selection in the first match, 16-3, before barely winning the series on Vertigo, 16-14.
Complexity vs Imperial match is the most viewed debut at American RMR
The decisive match at the American RMR tournament, where Imperial and Complexity met, became the most popular among all the qualifiers for the IEM Rio Major 2022, which also took place for European and Asian teams. According to the analytical service Esports Charts, 486,575 spectators watched this meeting at the peak.
FalleN: chelo brought Imperial to the IEM Major 2022
Imperial captain Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, in an interview with the organizers of the American RMR tournament, commented on the passage of his team to IEM Rio Major 2022. He believes that participation in the home major became possible largely due to the successful performance of Marcelo "chelo" Cespedes in the match against Complexity.