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CS:GO is known for its intense gameplay, teamwork, and incredible comebacks that keep the players on the edge of their seats. In this article team, will take a look at the TOP-3 comeback moments in CS:GO in 2023.
Anonymous hacked legendary Brazilian AWPer YouTube channel
The hacker neither posted a video nor erased any of FalleN's material. His channel has over 206 million views.
Legendary CS:GO player married on the Brazilian show business sex-symbol
The couple revealed their relationship on December 20. Martins thanked Lau for her warm attitude and posted engagement photos. When the wedding will take place is unknown.
NaVi became the most popular team of IEM Rio Major 2022
Note that the most popular meeting of IEM Rio Major 2022 was the quarterfinal between the teams FURIA and NAVI, which scored over 1,428,000 spectators at the peak.
FalleN urged Brazilian fans to respect the teams at IEM Rio Major 2022
It should be noted that this is not the first time in history that a player from a team whose home country is hosting a major appeals to local fans, requesting that their opponents be treated with respect. A similar example is the person TaZ, who told people at ESL One: Katowice 2015 not to say bad things about the winning Swedes from fnatic.
Cloud9 – Imperial eSports: predictions
Cloud9 fans should not despair after the first day of the Rio Major. Even though they lost the first two games, the Russians will most likely look like a completely different team in BO3 games. Can the same be said for Imperial? I think Imperial will show the best tactics, but Cloud9 will take the win during overtime. However, this could be the beginning of a story.
FalleN plans to retire in 2023
Imperial Esports CS:GO sniper Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo said he plans to leave the professional scene in 2023. He spoke about this in an interview with
Fer: I started my career in computer clubs in Sao Paulo and didn't have money for food
Imperial Esports CS:GO player Fernando "fer" Alvarenga commented on his team's participation in IEM Rio Major 2022. Alvarenga shared his experiences in an interview with the organizer of the American RMR tournament.
Imperial Esports earned a slot to IEM Rio Major 2022
Imperial Esports defeated Complexity Gaming in the final match of IEM Rio Major 2022: American RMR CS:GO. The match ended with a score of 2:1 - 16:13 on Inferno, 11:16 on Nuke and 22:20 on Overpass. The team of Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo went to IEM Rio Major 2022.
PaiN Gaming wins ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022
Imperial Esports lost to paiN Gaming in the ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022 CS:GO final. The meeting ended with the score 1:2 (17:19 on Overpass, 16:7 on Inferno, and 12:16 on Dust2). Rodrigo "biguzera" Bittencourt's team earned $50,000 and a slot at the ESL Pro League Conference Season 17. Earlier, paiN and Imperial made it to the playoffs from Group B, finishing first and second respectively.