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TI11 winner made "pee" to the water bottle during DPC match
It is noteworthy that the pause was 6 minutes 43 seconds, while the team finished the map even faster - after 4 minutes 22 seconds. That is, Tundra could finish the game in order to let Lepko go to the toilet faster.
How Into The Breach played the TI11 WEU Qualifications
How Into The Breach played the TI11 WEU Qualifications
This year's WEU Qualifications featured many famous rosters that, due to the high competition in the region, could not score enough points during the DPC season. Among them are Entity, in which Fishman built the game for a long time, having only new players for the professional scene; also Team Liquid, which had great in-game problems in the second half of the season. The updated Team Secret roster, in which Puppey took a couple in offlane from the CIS; the legendary Nigma Galaxy with everyone's favorite Miracle- and Sumail; updated Alliance roster built around Nikobaby; and goon squad - friends LIMMP, s4, and Handsken, which played with each other. As we already know, Entity won, but we would like to focus on the black horse of these qualifiers, namely Into The Breach. In this article, we will find out who plays them and look at the intricacies of their game.