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Faceless Void guide - the most picked hero at TI qualifiers
Faceless Void guide - the most picked hero at TI qualifiers
Quite recently, the qualifying matches for the long-awaited and beloved The International 11 thundered. These qualifiers were remembered for colorful matches, interesting drafts, and, in some cases, even unexpected winners of the qualifiers themselves. After all the matches played in all regions, there are only two slots left for the dream tournament. Last Chance Qualifier is the last chance to catch the chance provided by the organizers of the largest competition in Dota 2.
Bleed eSports plans to pay for DPC slot
The fact that a new company is attempting to break into the Southeast Asian Dota 2 market is encouraging. Sadly, it comes at the cost of a well-known international esports roster giving up their seat, namely T1.
Polaris Esports advanced to the upper bracket of the playoffs of the LCQ TI11
Polaris Esports defeated Tempest in Group A at The International 2022: Last Chance in Dota 2. The meeting ended with the score of 2:0. The team of John "Natsumi" Vargas won the second victory and advanced to the upper bracket of the playoffs.