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How did Nisha from Liquid get almost 91% win rate in ranked matches?
Nisha has won 22 of the last 24 matches played. Only two maps for Storm Spirit and Kunkka were lost by the esportsman. According to Dotabuff statistics, the player's smurf account is ranked 73rd on the European ladder, with an overall win rate of over 75%.
OG and Liquid complete their participation at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022
After achieving a high enough rating on the BLAST Leaderboard, the organizer's points-based ranking used to identify a percentage of the teams playing at the end-of-year competition. OG and Liquid were the last two teams to qualify for the BLAST Premier World Final.
Liquid defeat Sprout and BIG overperform MOUZ at IEM Rio Major 2022
Sprout is now staring at elimination after being dropped to the 0-2 pool. The Danish-majority lineup attracted attention when it qualified for the Legends Stage at the RMR, but they have so yet failed to replicate comparable performances in their two games in Rio.
EliGE: Liquid have to radically update its strategies to win the Major
Team Liquid player Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski spoke about preparations for IEM Rio Major 2022 in an interview with According to the American, in order to successfully perform at the Major, his team needs to make significant changes in their tactics in order to become less predictable for opponents.
nitr0: Liquid now has more potential than a 2019 "gold" roster
Team Liquid captain Nicholas "nitr0" Canella believes that the current roster is stronger than the Liquid roster, which won a number of major tournaments in 2019 and has long been the single leader of the professional CS:GO scene. The American spoke about this in an interview with
Liquid beat Fnatic at ESL Pro League Season 16
In the first match of the 1/8 finals of ESL Pro League Season 16, Liquid beat Fnatic 2:1 - 16:13 on Inferno, 16:9 on Overpass, and 16:10 on Ancient. The North American team advanced to the quarterfinals, while William "mezii" Merriman's roster finished the tournament.