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Dota analyst shared a bug with Observer Ward that cut half of vision
Update 7.33 was released on the night of April 21st. The game has undergone major landscape and balance changes. In addition, Dota 2 has new mechanics, objects and monsters.
ESL One Berlin Major 2023 spectator's guide
The Berlin Major 2023 will use a round-robin format for the group stage. Two groups of nine teams each will be formed from the participants. The format for all games is best-of-two. Top-4 clubs will proceed to the playoffs for the premier tier. The teams in fifth and sixth place will advance to the bottom portions of the grid. The tournament's remaining teams will be eliminated.
How many wins does it take to rank up in Dota 2?
Only winning Dota 2 matches will earn you MMR. In order to improve their total MMR, players must win more games than they lose. You could just be in the rank range that is most suited to your current Dota 2 skills if you feel trapped in a given MMR bracket in Dota 2. Dota 2 is a constantly changing game, thus learning more about it can help you win more games.
How did Nisha from Liquid get almost 91% win rate in ranked matches?
Nisha has won 22 of the last 24 matches played. Only two maps for Storm Spirit and Kunkka were lost by the esportsman. According to Dotabuff statistics, the player's smurf account is ranked 73rd on the European ladder, with an overall win rate of over 75%.
The best way to play Slardar in 7.32d patch
The best way to play Slardar in 7.32d patch
A descendant of snake-footed creatures that live in the depths and guard many sunken cities. Do you know who it is? That's right, and it's Slardar. Today we will discuss this hero and all the nuances and secrets of playing him. Let’s roll!
How Russian Dota 2 professional players tricked Valve?
How Russian Dota 2 professional players tricked Valve?
Since the inception of MMORPGs, some players have begun to smurf, impersonate other people, play under different nicknames, play fake matches, abuse betting services, and in general, get easy money because there appears to be no way to detect such fraud. It is especially relevant to Russian Dota players, who have been found to have abused account sharing for years.