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How to pass Muerta mini-game in Dota 2
Dota 2 introduced the Muerta-related item Mercy & Grace on the evening of March 4. You have to win the mini-game to acquire it. Valve also uploaded files to the game that are responsible for the voice acting and descriptions of some of the abilities of the new hero, Muerta.
Reddit fans frequently create concepts for Dota heroes, who could stand on a par with the Dota lore. In their opinion, depending on the reading of mythology, it can be an element of light, water, or even mushrooms! In anticipation of the new big patch (7.32 broke the record for the longest patch since 6.87) and the release of new heroes, a concept design from a fan was presented on Reddit.
You would never think that Witch Doctor could be used not only as support, but time goes by, Dota changes, and new ingenious tactics appear. Today, I want to show you how to turn this hero from a weak grandpa who places wards in the forest into a tank at position 3.
The best way to play Slardar in 7.32d patch
The best way to play Slardar in 7.32d patch
A descendant of snake-footed creatures that live in the depths and guard many sunken cities. Do you know who it is? That's right, and it's Slardar. Today we will discuss this hero and all the nuances and secrets of playing him. Let’s roll!
How to carry any safelane: Rikimaru gameplay
How to carry any safelane: Rikimaru gameplay
Riki is a forgotten hero who is now gaining momentum. The meta is moving in the hero's direction as the developers increase the power of his abilities from patch to patch. Increasingly, we can see Riki in public. What prompted the hero to return, and why should he be picked now? We will learn about it in this article!
Valve revealed the date of a new Dota hero Muerta release
The classic lore says that Muerta is one of the guardians of the world of the dead, which was only briefly mentioned in the Dota 2 lore before. For example, the gate to another dimension is guarded by Razor "Lightning Revenant".
Reddit user created Dota heroes posters with Midjourney neural network
Before this, realistic posters appeared on Reddit with other Dota characters. Windranger, Void Spirit and Pudge. Another gamer drew images of Crystal Maiden, Lich and other MOBA heroes. Try to guess "who si who" and text below in comments!
Incredible female Dota heroes Arcana cosplay by Vu Lac Anh
Incredible female Dota heroes Arcana cosplay by Vu Lac Anh
I only like two types of cosplay: those that are lavishly constructed, like this, or those that are inexpensive.
Dota 2 fan created heroes in the cartoon cyberpunk style
Dota lover showed what the characters from Valve's MOBA could look like if the game was made in the style of science fiction. Try to guess all the characters in the pictures!
Chinese Dota 2 fan created Goose Goose Duck style heroes
Goose Goose Duck is a social detective game that came out in April 2021. It was made by Gaggle Studios. The clone of Among Us gained popularity thanks to one of the members of the K-pop group BTS Kim Taehyung, also known as V, who streamed this game in December 2022.
TOP-6 magical Dota 2 heroes illustrations by Mike Hirshon
With this paint setup, we would prefer a dedicated Dota client. You bet! Mike is an editorial illustrator who reimagines Dota heroes for the last 7 years.
TOP-10 Dota 2 mix skins that look awesome
Dota 2 has a lot of interesting facts about its players, heroes, and, as of recently, skins. We've put up this list of the greatest Dota 2 skins ever to help you understand things a bit better. Let's investigate it together!
Dota fans revealed Pangolier Swashbuckle animation bug
Players below the author's post texted that the skill mechanics are still functioning normally, it is just visually bugged. However, some fans were curious about how the damage is applied: to the player mark area or in a buggy way.
How many jungle trees Dota 2 heroes "cut" during the 2022
You know that there is not such hero in Dota 2 than Timbersaw, who "hates" trees more than any other hero in the game. So, he cut down the most trees in Dota - more than 1 million+.
Reddit user revealed the "deadliest" hero combo that can destroy enemies in 1-click
Do you prefer to play Grimstroke in the present-day meta? Do you think this hero is the most lethal? Idk. The names Lich, Witch Doctor, and Lion with Lina come to mind. In fact, if you get Tinker under Grim and buy Aghanim, heroes die when you press one button. This is the cruelest and most impressive combination.It isn't an ordinary joke!