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Source 2 CS:GO release date confirmed
The first rumors that Valve would release CS:GO on Source 2 appeared in 2020. At the end of February 2023, more and more evidence began to appear that Valve would soon transfer the shooter to Source 2 - for example, NVIDIA released a new driver for video cards for the Counter-Strike 2 game.
Valve revealed the date of a new Dota hero Muerta release
The classic lore says that Muerta is one of the guardians of the world of the dead, which was only briefly mentioned in the Dota 2 lore before. For example, the gate to another dimension is guarded by Razor "Lightning Revenant".
Why Valve is the most greediest moneymaking company?
Valve's greed has sparked outrage among professional players and professional teams. The community demands that Gaben at least double the funding for DPC seasons to make Dota 2 cyber more stable and attractive. Let us remind you that TI's prize fund is 25% of the money earned by Valve from the sale of the Battle Pass plus $1.6 million in guaranteed prize money from the organizer.
Anubis creator revealed how much Valve paid him every month
Previously, the developer worked on a Source mod for the medieval-themed video game Pirates, Vikings & Knights 2, which pits three teams against one another. Therefore, the idea to create map for CS:GO with "Egypt style" details was born after these projects.
Valve plans to rework Dota landscape in 7.33 patch
IceFrog has moved away from Dota 2 development in the last couple of years. That's why there are few serious changes in the game.
Valve revealed the date of Source 2 CS:GO release
The changeover of CS:GO to a new game engine has never been disclosed by Valve. But insiders, programmers, and other data miners have been spreading their guesses for years, making people more excited for a new release. In July 2022, for example, data miners found the Source-2 property in the game files for the levels Shoots, Italy, Inferno, Lake, Overpass, and Shortdust.
Valve fixed a critical bug with a reward for flagbearer creep
Previously, the reward for killing an (ally) standard flagbearer creep was 34-39 gold. After the patch, it should have been 44-49 gold, but the change does not mean anything. This is literally the first line in the patch, by the way.
Valve shared the "List of cheaters" in Pro Dota to ban them for years
Some of the mentioned esports players have been kicked off their teams in the past because they pretended to be other players during the finals. Several player clubs are currently conducting internal audits.
Valve fixed bugs on Anubis and Ancient
In addition to the changes to Ancient and Anubis, the developers also fixed some bugs on the Chalice and Boyard maps. Moreover, Valve have halved the number of rounds in the AWP magazine, and also reduced the damage of the M4A1-S at a long distance.
Valve updated the rules of RMR tournaments
After IEM Rio Major 2022 concluded in November, Valve revealed its desire to overhaul the invitation system for RMR competitions. These first adjustments to the qualifying format were made as a result.
Dota Plus Winter Treasure update released
The seasonal change brought about nothing exceptional; everything remained the same. In the Dota Plus winter formation, service subscribers can look forward to seasonal wealth, updated seasonal tasks, and guild prizes.
Valve didn't pay reward to SG eSports after the DPC 2021/2022
Representatives of the organization said in their appeal that Valve disregards this problem, which is why eSports athletes suffer. Meanwhile, the letter to the developers has still not received a response.
Valve increased fines for switching during the DPC season
Having played five or more matches with a stand-in in the regional league, the team is disqualified and automatically loses all subsequent games.
Valve added to Dota Arcana for Razor – Voidstorm Asylum
Power up your battles with the Voidstorm Asylum Arcana item for Razor, featuring a brand new model with an unlockable second style, special animations, effects and elements, and over 600 new voice lines. All players who have reached Battle Pass level 383 can obtain this item.
Valve changed the CS:GO Major qualifier system in 2023
While there is a lack of details, in the future, Valve will bring more clarity to the upcoming innovations. BLAST Paris Major 2023 is scheduled for May 8–21. 24 teams will compete for a prize pool of $1.25 million, as well as a slot at IEM Cologne 2023.