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Source 2 launch: Goodbye CS:GO?
Source 2 launch: Goodbye CS:GO?
It's not the most fun article. Below you will read about whether it is possible for CS:GO to switch to Source 2 and how it might end. Such a change could kill a large corporation and lose millions of players. Everyone considers the transition to Source 2 a myth, but it may be a reality. Are you ready for this?
Valve revealed the date of Source 2 CS:GO release
The changeover of CS:GO to a new game engine has never been disclosed by Valve. But insiders, programmers, and other data miners have been spreading their guesses for years, making people more excited for a new release. In July 2022, for example, data miners found the Source-2 property in the game files for the levels Shoots, Italy, Inferno, Lake, Overpass, and Shortdust.