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Gaimin Gladiators got Berlin Major 2023 championship
By winning the Berlin Major 2023 and losing zero games up to the championship match, Gaimin Gladiators extended their unstoppable dominance in the Dota 2 landscape. On the other side, Team Liquid had a difficult start to the competition, losing their first upper-bracket match against OG early on, but they were able to return to the championship round thanks to an outstanding lower-bracket performance.
You would never think that Witch Doctor could be used not only as support, but time goes by, Dota changes, and new ingenious tactics appear. Today, I want to show you how to turn this hero from a weak grandpa who places wards in the forest into a tank at position 3.
Gaimin Gladiators surprised DPC opponents with offlane Witch Doctor
GG's roster on the very first map of the series pulled an unusual strategy out of his sleeve, which would be rare even in matchmaking. Both analysts and viewers were taken aback by Witch Doctor offlane + Io.
Ace: Gaimin Gladiators prepare to win TI11
Gaimin Gladiators player Markus "Ace" Hölgard spoke about the preparation of the team for The International 2022 in Dota 2. In an interview with Jaxon portal, he told how the roster is working on the problems that appeared during the game at DPC 2021/2022.
Gaimin Gladiators roster starts raising funds for RMR bootcamp
Corey "Semphis" Friesen, former Gaimin Gladiators CS:GO coach, has announced a fundraiser for the bootcamp. Imperial Esports captain Gabriel FalleN Toledo and other esports figures have already volunteered to help the team.