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CS2 new leaderboard system is coming in August: new patch notes update
A significant change to Counter-Strike's in-game competitive ecology has been discovered by dataminers, and it looks to be coming to CS2 when the game comes later this summer.
NaVi CS:GO roster miss IEM Cologne main tour first time in history
The Ukrainian team has flown in the CS:GO world for over a decade, but with NAVI's unexpected elimination from the IEM Cologne 2023 group stage today, they will have to watch the remainder of the competition from the stands. Astralis defeated Natus Vincere 2-1 (25-23 Ancient, 9-16 Nuke, 16-12 Overpass) in the bottom bracket of Group B, securing the last slot in the IEM Cologne playoffs.
Dendi was accused of delaying payments to his teammates from B8 Esports
Over the last three years, Dendi and his company, B8, have experienced a lot, and it seems that the list may include treating at least one player unfairly during the most recent Dota Pro Circuit season.
New Dota 2 bug with Techies Sticky Bomb still confuses fans
One of the New Frontiers 7.33 patch's most shocking, amusing, and destructive bugs was the Techies Sticky Bomb issue. How it occurred is described in a brand-new developer blog series!
Team Spirit got Riyadh Masters 2023 champions cup
Team Spirit won the Riyadh Masters Grand Finals 3-1 against Team Liquid, marking their first major victory since the PGL Arlington Major in 2022. Although Liquid pushed their EEU opponents to the limit in four games, forcing 40-minute or longer battles every other time, it was no easy task.
You can now play CS2 beta-test without invite
Counter-Strike 2, a follow-up to CS:GO, has officially been unveiled by Valve and will first start with a restricted test beta before the full release. Here is all the information you need in order to download, access, and use the CS2 beta.
P2000 is in dire need of buffs in CS2 immediately
This week, we learned just how far behind the P2000 has fallen as Counter-Strike's starting pistol of last resort. The USP-S is the dominant pistol in the CS:GO arena, and the forgotten weapon is one of two CT default weapons alongside it.
Dota 2's next significant update will be released in August 2023
The next major patch will be released just in time for teams to make one more attempt to qualify for The International 12. Valve is not renowned for releasing Dota 2 patches at the greatest times for its competitive community.
PGL starts ticket sales for CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024
PGL has begun selling tickets for the first CS2 Major, scheduled to take place in Copenhagen in March 2024, as was previously announced on June 12th. The Royal Arena, which has already held many BLAST Fall Finals events and has a maximum capacity of 16,000 people, will serve as the site of four playoff days (March 28-31).
Five Dota 2 teams that have earned a slot for TI 12 are known
As the Winter and Spring Tours have completed and the fight for qualifying to The International 12 (TI12) has taken shape, the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) has reached a critical stage. Gaimin Gladiators won the respective Majors by displaying their great talents, while Team Liquid maintained their status by amassing a fantastic number of DPC points. Teams from different regions have methodically accumulated DPC points to put themselves in a good position to compete in the coveted TI12.
CS:GO Major stickers from FaZe are now more valuable than business stocks
Due to FaZe Clan's financial difficulties, some of the company's lowest CSGO Major stickers are now worth more than its stock.
FireLeague orgs announced a new challenge in Argentina
While teams from the Americas and Europe compete in qualifying for the Global Finals, Imperial and 9z will square off in the Argentine capital. The third Global Finals, the TO's second after becoming global in 2022, as well as FiReLEAGUE Battle, a one-time event, have also been confirmed.
Dota analyst shared a bug with Observer Ward that cut half of vision
Update 7.33 was released on the night of April 21st. The game has undergone major landscape and balance changes. In addition, Dota 2 has new mechanics, objects and monsters.
ESL One Berlin Major 2023 spectator's guide
The Berlin Major 2023 will use a round-robin format for the group stage. Two groups of nine teams each will be formed from the participants. The format for all games is best-of-two. Top-4 clubs will proceed to the playoffs for the premier tier. The teams in fifth and sixth place will advance to the bottom portions of the grid. The tournament's remaining teams will be eliminated.
IEM Rio Major 2023 best highlights of the first challenge stage
Watch our live coverage of the action at IEM Rio, the first tier-one event after the Major qualifications. See the best topics, the player of the day, and the highlights from IEM Rio's first competitive stage.