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Five Dota 2 teams that have earned a slot for TI 12 are known
As the Winter and Spring Tours have completed and the fight for qualifying to The International 12 (TI12) has taken shape, the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) has reached a critical stage. Gaimin Gladiators won the respective Majors by displaying their great talents, while Team Liquid maintained their status by amassing a fantastic number of DPC points. Teams from different regions have methodically accumulated DPC points to put themselves in a good position to compete in the coveted TI12.
Ana returns to competitive Dota 2: rumors
There are just five people who have won The International (TI) twice, including the legendary carry player Anathan "ana" Pham. Ana has largely been absent from the professional scene since winning back-to-back tournaments with the legendary OG roster at The International 8 and The International 9, with the exception of a few brief appearances as a stand-in with Royal Never Give Up, Team Liquid, and T1 before taking a break.
Patch 7.33c: key nerfs, changes, updates
The big 7.33 patch that released in late April was followed by a second balancing change, patch 7.33c. This most recent patch makes a number of significant improvements and addresses certain community complaints. As a result of their outstanding accomplishments in the Berlin Major and in pub games, Medusa and Alchemist get a significant nerf.
Team Bald Reborn returns to competitive "BIG" Dota
Team Bald Reborn hopes to recover from its poor showing in DPC WEU Tour 1 with fresh intentions and a new team. The squad now has fresh dynamics and opportunities thanks to the return of Xcalibur, the inclusion of symetricaL, and the arrival of Crash. Team Bald Reborn is working hard to take advantage of the opportunity in DPC WEU Tour 3 in order to redeem themselves and maybe earn a seat in Division II as supporters impatiently await formal confirmation of these developments.
Nigma Galaxy can kick out Miracle and hire a new carry player: rumors
As a result of being demoted to Division II at the conclusion of Tour 2 and having a terrible performance with Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi at Dreamleague Season 19, Nigma Galaxy has had a disastrous competitive Dota 2 season. The group was invited as a last-minute stand-in for PSG.LGD, who had visa complications.
Gaimin Gladiators got Berlin Major 2023 championship
By winning the Berlin Major 2023 and losing zero games up to the championship match, Gaimin Gladiators extended their unstoppable dominance in the Dota 2 landscape. On the other side, Team Liquid had a difficult start to the competition, losing their first upper-bracket match against OG early on, but they were able to return to the championship round thanks to an outstanding lower-bracket performance.
Dota 7.33 patch New frontiers update: large map and reworked heroes
Players of Dota 2 all around the globe are jubilant that Valve has finally released the much awaited Patch 7.33. This patch, which brings several improvements to the game, is truly a substantial one, as promised by Valve. The terrain, equipment, heroes, and gaming mechanics will all have been updated, giving gamers a completely fresh experience.
When will the 7.33 (8.00) patch be released in Dota?
How long have we been waiting for a major patch in Dota? There have been no new balance changes, no key adjustments for over a year now. But with the release of Muerta, we finally got the promise of a 7.33 release. Below, we collect all the latest news, speculate about the release date, and discuss in the comments what we want to see in the update.
Professional Dota 2 influencer exposed Russian players involved in the organization of fake matches
Russian Dota 2 newsmaker "Morf-designer" released a large-scale investigation into a mobster group on his YouTube channel that organizes fake matches in the professional Dota 2 scene. He infiltrated this group via his agent.
Miracle- can "come back" to Dota 2 from inactive mode in May 2023
Dota 2 fans paid attention to the gameplay of Amer Miracle-al-Barkawi in ranked matchmaking on one of the smurf accounts. For eight days from March 27 to April 3, the esportsman played 47 games, and his win rate was 70.02%.
HellRaisers and PuckChamp eliminated from TI11 qualifiers
In the third round of the lower bracket, PuckChamp lost to Nemiga Gaming, and HellRaisers were defeated by One Move. Both matches ended with the score 2:0. Today Nemiga Gaming meets with the BetBoom Team, which lost to Natus Vincere today, and One Move will compete with Mind Games, which lost in the upper bracket to the Outsiders (Virtuspro) roster.
The International 11 prize pool exceeds $9 million
The International 2022 prize pool has surpassed $9 million. In the three and a half days since the release of the new Battle Pass, the community has managed to increase the initial prize pool ($1.6 million) by 462%. You can survey more info on
Dota 2 CIS quals Day 2: HellRaisers "knocked out" cybercats, No Runes beat Balrogs
HellRaisers defeated cybercats in the lower bracket match of the regional qualifiers for The International 2022 in Dota 2. The match ended with a score of 2:0. The team of Vladislav "DkFogas" Frolov took 9-12th place and left the qualification. HR will compete with the winner of the One Move - Project Armor pair on September 5.