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Professional Dota 2 influencer exposed Russian players involved in the organization of fake matches
Russian Dota 2 newsmaker "Morf-designer" released a large-scale investigation into a mobster group on his YouTube channel that organizes fake matches in the professional Dota 2 scene. He infiltrated this group via his agent.
"How to" play mid as Topson Rubick: best Dota 2 games
"How to" play mid as Topson Rubick: best Dota 2 games
It's stupid if somebody supposes that Topson's magnetic energy and abnormal item builds don't assist him in succeeding in public games. Recently on his official YouTube channel appeared records of his Rubick gameplay. To tell the truth, the word "plays" weakly describes Chad's masterpiece playstyle. Chadson detects the account buyer and humiliates him with Aghs on min 16!