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Team Spirit got Riyadh Masters 2023 champions cup
Team Spirit won the Riyadh Masters Grand Finals 3-1 against Team Liquid, marking their first major victory since the PGL Arlington Major in 2022. Although Liquid pushed their EEU opponents to the limit in four games, forcing 40-minute or longer battles every other time, it was no easy task.
Riyadh Masters 2022 meta heroes: post analysis
Riyadh Masters 2022 meta heroes: post analysis
Howdy! The recent Dota 2 update (namely 7.31d) introduced new hero combinations. Today we'll observe which heroes of this update were the best and worst in the tournament. All detailed statistics of heroes and previous matches you can survey on Dotabuff. Riyadh Masters 2022 has passed, and there were many exciting and spectacular matches, which we'll analyze together.