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Dota 2 fans revealed a bug with Clinkz and Shadow Blade
During Burning Barrage, the hero will not only be invisible, but each attack from this skill will do more damage because of Shadow Blade. At the same time, even after all the shots from the ability, Clinkz will retain the bonus from the use of the artifact.
Valve fixed a vulnerability that allowed spamming group invites in Dota menu
Valve has released a patch that fixed the team invite spam issue. The vulnerability was discovered in early September. During this time, the attackers managed to prevent many Dota 2 streamers.
Reddit user found a new critical bug in Dota 2
Reddit user Chuchuca demonstrated a bug due to which one of the players in the match was not assigned to any of the teams. He recorded the beginning of the game through the eyes of the victim on video from a replay. The author of the video also clarified that the player with the bug could move the hero, but any interaction with anything else on the map was not available. Restarting Dota 2, Steam and the device did not change the situation.