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Clinkz - the most unusual support of the new patch 7.33c
Clinkz - the most unusual support of the new patch 7.33c
The Dota 2 community has always been accustomed to seeing Clinkz played as a hard-hitting carry, capable of dishing out tremendous amounts of physical damage and shredding through enemy heroes. However, with the recent changes introduced in Patch 7.33c, Clinkz has taken on a new and unexpected role as a support hero. This shift has raised eyebrows and sparked curiosity among players, leading to an exploration of the potential and effectiveness of Clinkz in this untypical role.
Dota 2 fans revealed a bug with Clinkz and Shadow Blade
During Burning Barrage, the hero will not only be invisible, but each attack from this skill will do more damage because of Shadow Blade. At the same time, even after all the shots from the ability, Clinkz will retain the bonus from the use of the artifact.